Top 3 Private Investigator Training and Education Programs

Education and training are the things that required for the private investigator . It can be tricky when you deciding on a professional training program. Competing against individuals with law enforcement, investigations and security backgrounds can be challenging for you. Many industries believe that having an education can help you to get a good career in private investigations. If you’re interested to work in private investigations, here some recommendations about PI training and education programs you have to know.

Top 3 Private Investigator Training and Education Programs

1. University of Washington

Private investigation certified program in the University of Washington offers courses for beginners preparation in private investigation career or even experienced legal professionals PI. The classes of this program are taught by private and legal investigators and the class usually offered at night. You can get a private investigation license as a completion of this program.

To be accepted in this program, you should have four years of relevant work experience as well as proficiency in the English language and two years of college experience.

2. Boston University

Professional Investigation program at Boston University offers a varied curriculum covering all aspects of the private investigation profession. The classes are taught by professionals which are licensed and experienced investigators. You can choose between an online or in-classroom program based on your personal needs because the program is designed to help accommodate your busy schedules.

3. Louisiana State University, Alexandria

Louisiana State University at Alexandria offers Private Investigation program with 40 hours training course. The courses teach the basic of private investigations and also prepares it for the Louisiana PI License Exam as the completion of the program. To accommodate the busy or working schedules, classes take place on weekends.

That’s all about top 3 recommendation of PI education and training program you should know. It’s time to choose the program or courses that right for you and based on your personal needs.

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