These are the 3 types of flowers that are not easy to wilt for wedding decorations

A marriage can not be separated from the name of the flower. Starting from the decoration, bouquet, to the additional accessories on the clothes worn, especially if wearing traditional clothes. Besides being unsightly, in fact the flowers for a wedding decoration cannot be chosen. There are many factors that must be considered carefully, especially about the durability, especially if the location of the wedding is outdoors. On the other hand, you may also need to check out the best ramos de flores store near your area venta arreglos florales.

That’s why this time we will review 3 types of flowers that are not easily wilted and are perfect for making your wedding decorations look more beautiful and elegant. Look carefully!

1. Roses can be likened to the symbol of love. This flower beside beautiful, it turns out it is proven to be durable

In addition to beautiful and charming, roses turned out to be one of the flowers that proved durable and resistant in hot weather. The added value, roses have several colors that can be adjusted to the theme of your wedding decoration. The rose flower will last for 7 to 10 days in a vase filled with cold water

2. Orchids that will actually grow well in hot temperatures. It’s right to choose this flower for a wedding

The fact says that orchids will actually die if they are at low temperatures. This is certainly good news for you who choose orchid flowers as wedding decorations. Aside from being a sweetener of appearance, orchids are also suitable for the composition of flower bouquet, you know! In a flower vase, orchids can last for 14 to 21 days.

3. It’s been durable, and also cheap. That is the primacy of carnations

Easy to get, cheap and durable, that’s the advantage you can get if you wear carnations as a wedding decoration flower. Plus, this flower includes a sturdy flower to be used as ornament. If placed in a flower vase filled with water, carnations can last for two to three weeks.

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