How To Enjoy Netflix Offline

There is good news for you users of Netflix’s Video-On-Demand service. After a long wait, Netflix finally supports the offline playback feature. That is, you can download movies that you like and watch them later without an Internet connection. Of course, this is very helpful. For example, you can download movies on Netflix with office WiFi and watch them at home. Save more on quota right? Then, how do you watch videos on Netflix offline? In the meantime, you may need to know the tips for netflix change region as well.

How to Watch Movies on Netflix Without an Internet Connection

Previously, Netflix executives mentioned that Netflix had no plans to provide offline features. However, this feature is very useful for people who live in the country and do not have fast internet.

In some Asian countries, the video download feature is one of the features highlighted by competitors of Netflix such as iFlix and HOOQ. Fortunately, this feature is available to all customers and not only for customers who subscribe to more expensive packages. Here’s how:

Offline features are available for Android or iOS users and are present through the latest application updates. So, first, make sure you have updated the latest version of the Netflix application. IOS users have version 9.0.0, and Android 4.12.0 users.

After the update, open the Netflix application and you will see additional new features, namely My Downloads and select Available for Download.

At this time, you can’t download all the movies. Currently, you can only download some of the movies and series, but fortunately, there will be more films and TV series that you can watch offline. Now, try to select one of the films.

After selecting the film, just click the download icon to the right of the description. The icon will change color to indicate that you are downloading something.

By default, everything is downloaded in standard quality. If you choose a higher video resolution, open Settings and in the Downloads section, select “Standard” or “Higher”. Not explaining how many resolutions of the two options offered.

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