A Brief History Of Screwdrivers

The screwdriver was found in Germany in the late fifteenth century. Originally called ‘screw turner,’ the first documentation of this tool was in ” The Middle Ages Housebook of Wolfegg Castle ” ‘, which was published between 1475 and 1490 AD. The original screwdriver has a pear-shaped handle and is made for slotted screws (Diversification of various types of screwdrivers does not appear until the Gilded Era). This period of time coincides with the appearance of adjustable screws. the screwdriver remained inconspicuous, however, as evidence of its existence over the next 300 years was mainly based screws today Superior Ball Screw Repair. Apart from that, perhaps you also need to check out the best ball screw repair service just in case when your ball screws can be repaired instead of wasting more money by purchasing the new ones.

They’ve been utilized in the 15th century to build screw-cutting lathes, secure breastplates, backplates, and helmets in medieval Jousting steel, and finally for some parts of firearms that appeared, specifically those guns. Screws, then screwdrivers, are not used in full armor, which is most likely to provide wearer freedom.

One of the most popular new designs of screwdrivers made by Canadian PL Robertson, who accidentally discovered a screwdriver when he patented the first-headed screw socket in 1907. Screw sockets developed rapidly in popularity, and are still a favorite of mechanics today for their resistance to wear, compatibility with hex keys, and the ability to stop electrical devices when set. Although very popular, Robertson had difficulty marketing his invention for the newly developing automotive industry, because he did not want to give up his patent rights.

Meanwhile, Henry F. Phillips has patented his very own products, the upgraded type of deeps sockets with crosses, today is known as the Phillips Screw. Phillips screws were offered by Phillips to the American Screw Company, and after a successful trial in Cadillac in 1936, quickly swept the American automotive industry. With the rise of the industry at the final days of the great depression and the chaotic event of WWII, his products became, and still remains, the most used screwdrivers on the planet. A major attraction for screws is that conventional slotted screwdrivers can also be used above them, which are ostracized from the Robertson Screw, still a favorite among experts.

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